Finally, increased penalties for hare coursers

Brown hare

Regular readers will know that I love hares. A lot of people do. They have a long, often mystical, association with our countryside, being said to conjure spirits, turn into witches, and dance at the moon. The UK has three species – the brown hare, the mountain hare, and in Northern Ireland, (and one tiny part of Scotland) the Irish hare. I’ll be writing about Britain’s hare species in a future blog. To me, hares are the archetypal wild animals,

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The ripple effect

A few days ago in Wales, persons unknown took a boat to an island in the centre of  the llyn brenig reservoir in Wales and used a chainsaw to fell a new platform erected to encourage Ospreys to breed. The Ospreys, an IUCN red list bird and highly protected in the UK,  had in fact just started to breed, and had laid their first egg when their home was destroyed. At the time of writing, the culprits are unknown. But

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