The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Not my words, and in early example of how easily truth can become distorted, nobody really knows who invented them. But they ring as true today as ever.

I try to stay out of politics, but I can’t stay out of humanity. Our generation has a lot to answer for: global warming. Plastic pollution. Knight Rider and people eating kangaroo testicles as entertainment. But the one judgement that will be written about long after we are all dead is that in the heart of Europe, in the 21st century, women and children died from high explosives in the name of nothing more than one man’s ego. The name Putin will join Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot in the roster of those who cared far less about their fellow humans  than their own power and vainglory. Yet what disappoints me are the brands that are “suspending” sales to Russia; the “temporary” cessations, as if the blood can ever be washed clean.

Let us teach our children the lessons that we apparently forgot: that lies are easy, and truth is hard; that peace is slow to win and quick to lose, that you can’t make deals with the Devil and expect to pay no price.


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